Through mentorship, online learning, and hands-on experience working with Elephant’s 10 million readers a month, graduates learn social media, journalism ethics, writing & editing.

Do well and do good.

Throughout the course, we will explore meditation, mindful communication, transparency, and healthy living. 


Discover your voice—and your mindful career path. Over 12 weeks you will:




Learn the ins and outs of writing and blogging alongside writers with established brands and followings.

Be a part of the day-to-day runnings of Elephant Journal—an industry giant with 10 million readers a month.

In a time of fake news, mindfulness and Journalism Ethics are more inspiring than ever. Learn the ins and outs. 



Get hands-on experience trial-and-erroring live to an audience of 5 million fans on 60 Facebook pages.

Fill out an application and join a course designed to nurture your talent.

What our graduates are saying:

Tess, California
"I signed up the Fall of 2015 when my heart was broken, spirit in tatters, and fingers in perpetual freeze over a keyboard. Elephant Academy was my soul and career CPR. I hope one of you goes into this Apprenticeship 'jungle' for 3 months and comes out a mighty Elephant."

Josette, New Jersey
"I’m in the last weeks of my apprenticeship and during this program I've written my own articles, edited the work of others, curated Facebook pages and have been inspired by this amazing group that I am working with. The mission of Elephant Journal is to be of benefit and I have found my voice for doing this, through my writing and through helping others."

Elizabeth, Colorado
"I'd given up on being a 'writer' or having any relationship with the publishing process, that is until I joined Elephant Academy. Elephant Journal helped me connect to my voice and my soul in a scary but supported way. I grew as a writer, established wonderful friendships, and was challenged in a way I hadn't been able to access in a long time."

Learn the inner workings of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and strategy for achieving incredible reach. Work directly on active pages as part of a collaborative team of professional writers, editors and social media gurus. An active Facebook account is required.


Social Media

A curriculum designed to build skills, nurture talent and build collaborative relationships.

Section One:

What should be sourced when you write? What is an editorial and what is reporting? Learn a mindful way to approach these questions through live webinars and videos from industry experts and Waylon H. Lewis, founder and Publisher of Elephant Journal. 

Want something self-guided? Receive access to our video and study materials, quizzes and weekly meeting notes—but without the full Academy’s responsibilities. Get started here >

Journalism Ethics

Section Four

Section Two

When everything is at our fingertips, what gets included, and why is something left out? Learn the ins and outs of mindful editing for both long format articles as well as social media posts where every word counts.

Section Three


Compose a gripping and intriguing post. Write with intention, and learn how to make it stick with readers. You'll work to craft stories and articles that are meaningful to you and resonate with an audience. Ultimately, the goal is to get your words published on Elephant Journal.

  • You must have a reliable connection to the internet and access to a working computer on a regular basis.  
  • You must have or create an active Facebook account and an Elephant Journal subscription
  • You will get hands-on experience running one or two Elephant Journal focus areas on social media (Green, Adventure, Wellness, Family, Ecofashion, Food, Bicycling, Politics, Culture and more—we cover just about all aspects of the mindful life).  
  • The Apprenticeship requires up to 15 hours every week with a commitment of three months. Please read the syllabus for more on the commitment we ask for.  
  • With our online format, meetings can be attended from anywhere in the world. We recommend you attend weekly meetings to get the most out of the program, but you’re welcome to review the meeting material after if you have an occasional conflict.  
  • If your time zone doesn’t allow you to regularly attend meetings, you can review meeting materials and catch up on what you’ve missed just as long as you’re completing assignments and small group meeting responsibilities.  
  • We have fun and laugh a lot, but we also take our learning seriously. We have a one strike policy. Only join if you can commit. 

Can’t commit? Audit Elephant Academy on your own schedule. 


Course Details

Winter 2018 Dates: January 24th - April 25th

Commitment: Up to 15 hours each week

Meetings: 60-75 minute weekly group meetings on Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. MST & one weekly small group meeting with a Teaching Assistant

Cost of program: $850


If you are accepted to the program but you request a refund before the first day of class, your tuition will be refunded within seven business days, except for a $75 processing fee. If you request a refund during the first week of the program, you’ll receive 75% of your tuition back. If you are not accepted into the program, we’ll waive your processing fee and refund 100%. There are no refunds for the low-cost Auditing program.

Find your calling Waylon Lewis, founder of Elephant Journal, host of Walk the Talk Show,
& author of Things I would like to do with You.

Get Started

Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and space is limited. Apply to secure your spot.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get to work with Elephant staff? Who is actually training me?

You will be working with the crème de la crème of Elephant Journal: Waylon Lewis, our Editor-in-Chief, will lead the weekly meetings. The Academy team are all fully-trained Elephant editors and social media masters, and the Editorial team who provide personal feedback on your writing have 20+ years of editing experience between them.

I have a full-time job, so most of this course work would need to be done in the evening and weekends. Does that work for this program?

Absolutely, kind of. Full participation in the course requires about 20 hours a week, and there is often a learning curve for the first week or two that may require some additional time and patience. If this feels like it may impede too heavily on post-dinner House of Cards binge-watching, our Audit program may be better fit. 

Do I need an expertise in journalism to be a part of the program?

Nope. If you have no idea what the difference between a headline and byline is, we won’t judge. We offer three weeks of training on journalism, covering everything from journalism ethics to spotting fake news to the nuances of how to write a news story. 

I have no idea how to run a Facebook page for a business, should I still apply?

Neither did Elephant, in 2009. Sometimes we still don’t, in 2017. That said, we’ve built up over 50 content-specific Facebook pages with 5 million fans. We’re here to teach you what we’ve learned, and are still learning every day, about using Facebook to cultivate your business with mindfulness, intention, and authenticity. No experience needed.

You say “run a social media page” with Elephant Journal. Can you explain specifically what this means? Can we create an Instagram or Facebook from scratch or will they all be preexisting?

If you choose to participate, you will be running one of Elephant Journal’s actual Facebook pages—that means you will have a direct impact on our business, engage directly with our readers, be responsible for curating content. Kind of a big deal, right? That’s because we firmly believe the best way to learn is first-hand. You’ll learn how to share content, create community, and build reach on the page, which are directly transferable to your own personal or business pages. 

If you choose not to participate in the challenge, you still get all the video and written training we offer, plus you’ll be a part of the weekly meetings where we discuss the techniques in depth. 

Who are the Teaching Assistants inside the Academy and what are the small groups?

Teaching Assistants are Academy graduates who have decided we just might be cool enough to hang around with a little longer. They are trained in the field, can help you navigate the ins and outs of the Academy, and they are one of the kindest and most mission-oriented crews you’ll ever meet. Each TA holds a weekly small group meeting to provide additional guidance and support for you; we usually have five to seven choices to pick between, and you will have the opportunity to choose one meeting time that works best for you.

What are my chances of being hired by Elephant after this Apprenticeship?

Apprenticing with us doesn’t guarantee you a job, but it does get you noticed. When we do have open positions, we look to Academy alumni first. 

I want to do the Academy to improve my writing, do I have to do all the other stuff? Also, I’m kind of nervous about writing, does it matter that I’m inexperienced? Also, I just love words, and want to hear your general thoughts on that.

Great news: we love words too, and there are few things we enjoy more than helping writers find their voice and hone their skills. While we do value a grammatically correct sentence (a lot), we also have Apprentices join us from all over the world, and whose most poetic compositions are their Sunday grocery lists (which, by the way, can be extremely poetic). All we ask is that you have a willingness to learn, an openness to constructive feedback, and a dedication to improving your craft. 

Oh, and about all that other stuff—we have designed this program so that each section builds on the others. The things you learn about writing a personal introduction on Facebook will be directly relevant to how you identify fake news, and insight on how to ethically and interestingly write a news story will inform how you construct a personal essay, and then share it to your friends and family on social media. See how that came full circle? 

Will the blogging and Facebooking I learn here apply to other websites as well, or just Elephant?

We will teach you Elephant-specific editing guidelines and social media practices, but they will absolutely be relevant beyond the Academy. How to find your voice, how to help a writer find their voice, and how to connect with your readers are universal skills—you may even find they extend beyond your writing and publishing goals. 

Why should I do the Academy if I get the same information in the Auditing course?

So, basically, you want to know why you should pay us a bunch of money when you can pay us less money for mostly the same thing? Great question. Here’s the answer: it’s not mostly the same. We put a ton of time and love into our Auditing course, and recommend it to anyone who needs a self-paced program to gain the skills we offer. But the community of Apprentices, interaction with the Elephant team, and hands-on experience the Academy offers is invaluable—except, you know, for the value we put on it. You will have a team of experts ready and willing to answer your questions, give you personalized guidance and support, and, as we mentioned before, the opportunity to leave your mark on Elephant by curating one of our Facebook pages. 

Do you have more questions?
Contact the Academy team. 

For information regarding payment, please take a gander at our program Terms and Conditions.

So what do you say, are you ready to change your life and the world for the better? Take a leap. Find your joy.

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