Our 6-week writing program
teaches you to find your voice, edit meaningfully & publish your work.


Our 8-week path teaches you to empower your career & share your writing by growing your online community.


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The world's largest mindfulness website teaches you how to write authentically & successfully—and how to rock social media.

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Make a living doing what you love.

Elephant Academy has graduated 1000s of students over the past 10 years. With active mentors, editors, and peers, your course will be fun, challenging, and empowering.

Our approach is real world, not theoretical, and you'll learn through the lens of "being of benefit"—using your work to bring out the best in yourself and our world.

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Write your heart out.

  • Find your voice as a writer.
  • Explore the craft of live-editing and contemplative art—expression beyond performance that's cathartic & genuine.
  • Receive coaching from our editors & your peers—& publish your work to our 5 million monthly readers.

“The Academy helped me find a balance between writing my heart out, and writing something that's of benefit. The publication of my words has opened up unexpected doors in the years since. Thank you, Waylon!”

Grow your community,
empower your career. 

  • Two extra weeks of learning for 25% less.
  • Learn & practice how to grow your fans through communicating genuinely, without hype or narcissism, in a way that conventional brands & influencers can't. 
  • Understand & analyze insights to design a successful social media strategy. 
  • Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. LinkedIn. Videos. Newsletter. Comments. Blogging. Your path is here.

“I felt personally inspired and professionally re-dedicated. Learning to use media properly and being called on to do so on a regular basis set a solid foundation for me as a small business owner. As a bonus, I truly resonated with the mindful aspects of the program; I could market and communicate my value proposition without sounding cheesy, salesy, or cheap.”

Write a Book—and Sell the Hell out of it.

  • The tools you need to start—and finish—your book.
  • How successful, independent publishing works: If you want your story told, we'll teach you how to do it with full control, expert advice, and huge profits per sale.
  • Building an audience & promoting your book—organically. Serialize. Crowdfund. Book tour.

“Hands down the most impactful experience of my adult life.”


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