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Elephant's Apprenticeship in Social Media, Modern Media, Journalism Ethics, Writing, & Editing

Applications for our Summer 2017 Apprenticeship our closed. This Summer, invest in yourself. Audit Elephant Academy. Unlike most online writing and social media courses, our instructors are live in the field doing what we teach every single day. Learn at your own pace and benefit your current career or a new one!

...blogging with Leaders in the Field?

...editing with Elephant's Editors? work under pressure in a virtual newsroom environment—& run social media live for a major site (which is both high-stress & rich in learning)?

Want to Learn

...Journalism Ethics with the editor-in-chief, Waylon Lewis?

...Social Media with an in-the-field team with industry-leading success on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube?

...Mindfulness for Everyday Life?

*Note: this program is tough. You will run social media live in the field, which no other publication would allow you to do.

If you pass, you graduate as a full member of Elephant Academy—with certificate of completion, recommendation letter (if you ask for one), the opportunity to become a columnist, lapel pin, and access to further courses.

Join Elephant Academy

You will participate in online training sessions with our editors; gain membership in a small study group led by an Academy graduate; access our learning materials, videos & quizzes; and gain competitive yet collegial, live-in-the-field experience running social media, blogging, publishing, and editing.

Elephant Academy can help you be of benefit in your current job and may even help you in the pursuit of a new career.

Program fee: Early Bird Rate $750 USD

Applications for our Summer 2017 Apprentice program are closed. Click below to see more about our program that goes at your own pace.

The Course:

Learn the inner workings of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Analytics, and strategy for achieving incredible reach. An active Facebook account is required.

Section 4: Editing

Section 1: Social Media

We'll teach you how!

Section 2: Journalism Ethics

What should be sourced when you write? What is an editorial and what is reporting? Learn a mindful way to approach these questions and more from industry experts.

When everything is at our fingertips, what gets included, and why is something left out? Learn to edit for a social media format and make every word count.

Elephant Journal has won numerous national awards, has well over 5 million Facebook fans, and 35 million articles read a month.

Section 3: Writing

Compose a gripping and intriguing post. Write with intention, and learn how to make it stick with readers. You'll work to get your words published on

Payment Details

  • You must have a reliable connection to the internet and access to a working computer on a regular basis.
  • You must have an active Facebook account and an elephant journal subscription.
  • You will get hands-on experience running one or two elephant journal focus areas on social media (Green, Adventure, Wellness, Family, Ecofashion, Food, Bicycling, Politics, Culture and more---we cover just about all aspects of the mindful life).
  • The apprenticeship requires 15 hours every week with a commitment of the entire program duration. Please read the syllabus for more on the commitment we ask for.
  • You will attend a one-hour weekly meeting every Thursday at 1 p.m. Mountain Time (times may shift for Fall 2017 based on next group's needs). With our online format, meetings can be attended from anywhere in the world. We recommend you attend weekly meetings to get the most out of the program, but you’re welcome to review the meeting material after the fact if you have an occasional conflict.
  • If your time zone doesn’t allow you to regularly attend meetings, you can review meeting materials and catch up on what you’ve missed just as long as you’re completing assignments and small group meeting responsibilities.
  • We have fun and laugh a lot, but we also take our learning seriously. We have a one strike policy. Only join if you can commit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Requirements of the Full Elephant Academy Program

Program fee: $850 USD.

From the day you are notified of your acceptance until the first class of the program begins, if you choose not to join the program, a $50 processing fee will be taken out of the application fee and the remainder of your tuition will be refunded to you within seven business days of your refund request.

If you are not accepted into the program, you can opt to have your application fee refunded in full or elect to become an Elephant Academy Auditor. If you decide to become an auditor, $250 of your application fee would be applied to auditing and you would receive the remainder of your tuition fee as a refund in full within seven business days.

From the first class of the program until one week later, if you decide the program isn't for you, you'll receive 75% of your tuition back.

Payment for auditors is due with your application. There are no refunds for the auditing program.

Josette, New Jersey


I signed up the Fall of 2015 when my heart was broken, spirit in tatters and fingers in perpetual freeze over a keyboard. Elephant Academy was my soul and career CPR. Hope one of you goes into this apprenticeship "jungle" for 3 months and comes out a mighty Elephant.

Tess, California

I’m in the last weeks of my apprenticeship and during this program I've written my own articles, edited the work of others, curated Facebook pages and have been inspired by this amazing group that I am working with. The mission of Elephant Journal is to be of benefit and I have found my voice for doing this, through my writing and through helping others.

I'd given up on being a "writer" or having any relationship with the publishing process, that is until I joined Elephant Academy. Elephant Journal helped me connect to my voice and my soul in a scary but supported way. I grew as a writer, established wonderful friendships and was challenged in a way I hadn't been able to access in a long time.

Elizabeth, Colorado

Looking for something more self-guided?

Audit Elephant Academy: $250

Auditing is affordable, with less of a time commitment.

Receive access to our video and study materials, quizzes and weekly meeting notes—but without the full Academy’s writing, social media or attendance responsibilities. Pass our self-paced tests—and you are on your way on the path of mindful communication—helping you get a new job, or improving your current work.

Interested But Not Ready Yet?

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